Monday, December 19, 2011

Final Stretch Fundraising

After counting out the events I've been to in 2011, I decided to make an interactive map so folks can see where I've been. I do love visuals!

So far, I've managed to cover everything but the following trips:

Seattle Boot Weekend - $300
Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire - $56
My trip back from IMsL - $170

There are a few ways to help me seal the final financial deal of my title (and keep in mind 20% of donations go to the Women's Leather History Project!):

1. If you want to get a piece of art out of the deal, you can order a print here: Society6: Katie Diamond Any art prints related to leather or boots or sexuality have a note that 20% of those proceeds go to the WLHP. And the rest will go to my travel fund!

2. You can click here to donate directly to me via PayPal:

3. You can sit in my chair when I bootblack at an event! 

Thanks so much!

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