Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nerdy Photos and Thoughts

I have WLHP palm cards! Find me and we can talk more about awesome leather things.

I have managed to fit all my toilettries and vital bootblack supplies into a carry-on TSA approved travel bag. My nerdy packing brain is exploding in nerd-gasm. I wish I could fit more, but I've managed to even bring smaller tins of colors and such.

In other less nerdy things, I was in Boston this past weekend for several things... I was happily drinking whiskey at the FLAG (Fits Like A Glove) party on Saturday. It was a fun send-off party for International Mr Leather, which is coming up fast. I've been to the Ramrod a few times, but in the context of going downstairs to Machine, for performances and Dyke Night. I plan on making the Boston Ramrod a frequent stop for me this year, as Boston is only 2.5 hours from Portland. I feel pretty strongly about doing my best to rep Portland, but also see myself as a New Englander rockin' out the New England circuit.

In a similar vein, I stuck around Boston on Sunday to attend the MOB Meeting. It was awesome meeting with them, and talking about what my next year is gonna be like, what the title means, and ways to participate in my title-year... I also got to end my evening drawing people at a small MOB play party, so my Sunday ended pretty sweetly!

It was great to have my sketchbook and drawing materials at a play party again... There was a period in the beginning of my kink exploration where the way I felt comfortable at play parties was to have my drawing materials with me. The buffer of having something to do was really great, plus I was able to approach people to participate as an "active voyeur." At the end of someone's play or fuck session, they had a drawing ready for them! I plan on bringing my materials with me to all my events - just to see if I have the time, plus it's such a good way to participate with folks.

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