Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Next few months for y'all

I was hoping to have a calendar of events I could embed onto the blog, but apparently that's too tech-savvy for blogger... So to keep it simple, here's a list of the events I know I'll be at in the next few months! (I'm certain I'll add things!)

May 26 - May 30
International Mr Leather in Chicago

June 11
Boston Pride
I'll be on the Ramrod float!

June 18
Portland, Maine Pride

July 1 - 4
TESFest in New Jersey

July 27 - August 1
International Leather Sir/boy and Community Bootblack

September 1 - 4
FETFest in Maryland

September 14 - 19
Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp in Maryland

September 22 - 26 (Maybe)
Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

October 6 - 10
American Brotherhood Weekend in Chicago

October 29
Queer Invasion in Connecticut
I'm presenting!

November 4 - 6
Philadelphia Leather Pride

And then we're suddenly in 2012, which is way too intense for me to post now. ;)

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