Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This past weekend was the International Leather Sir and boy / International Community Bootblack contest in San Francisco... It was my first time back in the IMsL host hotel since my own title-run! That was a little bit of a mind-fuck, to be honest... I think we sometimes develop associations with places (did I say sometimes? I meant, we develop associations. Period.), so it was sort of jarring to be there for another event...!

It was nice to be able to witness another bootblack contest, from the outside. Congratulations, SF Luna!

I'm attaching some fun photos of the event that I took, in and outside of the hotel.

This is Spencer the Sock Monkey. He is my traveling companion, so I don't get too lonely.

I'm just a sucker for city-scapes!

Sara Vibes, IMsL2011, being sexy at the Mr. S Leather VIP Party, in their new Locker Room.

Luna, our new ICBB2011, rocking out with her tech boots.

Leo, Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack 2011, also workin' his tech boots.

Some sexiness from the, ahem, Interpersonal Skills section of the ICBB contest.

Interpersonal Skills - butt!

Jay, Northeast Community Bootblack, with his Interpersonal Demo Top.

I love this pic - Northwest Community Bootblack, Dylan, uses his mouth to buff his demo's boots.

Red Warrior, ICBB2010, gives her step-down speech. She makes a great Frodo! :)

Lastly, Lamalani (IMsL2009) and I before the contest begins.

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