Thursday, January 26, 2012

Southwest Leather Conference!

Oh, where do I even begin!? Southwest was so amazing!

I've never been to the southwest area of the US, at all, ever, so the terrain was beautiful and fascinating. During the course of the conference, I didn't get to really rock out outside, as I was judging the bootblack contest and teaching so I was running around indoors a lot!

Southwest was my first opportunity to judge a contest this year (my other was GLLA and I unfortunately missed out because of my Ridiculous-but-Magical Knee), and honestly?, I really loved it. I enjoyed having to be analytical and attentive to the bootblacks in a different way, and I liked being able to hear everyone's stories. (Voyeur, remember?) Also, congratulations are in order for Bear, the new Southwest Bootblack 2012!

I also got to run amok with my IMsBB brother, Jayson, and , uh, take care of the current Ms SF Leather...

(Image courtesy of my sash-husband, IMBB'11 Jim)

Jim and I also decided to rent a convertible and drive up to the Grand Canyon. We were warned a few times about what to expect, but our (misguided) adventurer hearts went anyway and well...

We are awesome.

Thanks for the wonderful and magical time, Southwest!

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